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Probably the most important and biggest purchase most people will make in their lifetime is the buying of a house. The Mortgage Lender will always send a Valuation Surveyor to the property to value it. This valuation confirms to the lender that their asset can be realised if the property should come back on to the market through any type of default on the mortgage.
This valuation survey is NOT a Building Survey, and it is this that causes confusion as young and first-time buyers are most at risk – and, even though many stretch their finances to breaking point when they decide to climb on the property ladder for the first time, it is certainly worth making sure you keep aside some cash to ensure the biggest purchase you will probably ever make does not also end up being your biggest mistake.

Building Surveys

Our professional Surveyor will survey all aspects of the property fabric and supply a comprehensive report, written in plain English, together with photographs. This survey will highlight any concerns the surveyor has on any part of the building fabric, thus forewarning the prospective buyer of any issues likely to manifest in the future which could cost the purchaser possibly thousands of pounds to put right.
This survey also assists the prospective purchaser to be able to negotiate with the seller over the price. Because it is such a major commitment, you should be comfortable in your mind that the property you propose purchasing is in a good structural condition.
SKEER C.B.C. only carry out two types of building surveys, which we feel is more beneficial to the client. Both surveys include photographic evidence and an in-depth report.

Condition Survey

This would mainly be for a modern built property, though we do include in this survey the same as a Structural Survey, though not as in depth. A Building Surveyor can give you peace of mind. Your property survey will check all:
  • Walls (Internal\External)
  • Roof Covering/Ridges
  • Chimney’s
  • Rainwater Goods
  • Internal Ceilings/Floors
  • Roof Space
  • Stairs/Landings
  • Window/Door Frames
  • Drainage
  • Plumbing
  • Electrics
  • D.I.Y. Work

Structural Survey

Formerly known as a Building Survey, which includes everything as the Condition Survey but with more in depth information. This type of survey advises the prospective buyer of any issues relating to the structural integrity of the property i.e.:
  • Cracks in walls
  • Sagging Ridges
  • Subsidence
  • Tree Roots
SKEER C.B.C. are a professional Building Surveying company.

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