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If you are about to commence a project, be it large, small, commercial or domestic, Government Regulations 2015, states that the onus is being placed upon the client to ensure a Principle Designer (ex CDM-Co) and Principle Contractor comply with all Health & Safety issues for that project.
The Principle Designer is employed by the client requesting the work to be carried out at the earliest opportunity. It is the Principle Designers role to advise the client of his responsibilities under the new Regulations.
ex CDM-Co

Principle Designer

The Principle Designer will inform the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), about the project by completing the form F10, and will collate all the necessary paperwork and create a Health & Safety folder which is to be kept on site throughout the duration of the project, which is to be kept up-to-date by the Principal Contractor.

Health & Safety Folder

Should a HSE representative visit your site, this folder will be the first thing that they would request to see as well as observing that all H&S procedures are being adhered too.

New Changes from 2015

The new Regulations came into force April 2015 and involves the following new changes:
If a project involves or exceeds having 30 man days on site; 500 man days on site and 20 men on site at any one time and for any amount of time.


Basically, this means that if your project is expected to be completed in 28 days with less than 20 men on site at any one time, then the above is not mandatory; however, if your project is expected to exceed the above, the 2015 Regulation comes into force.

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