Chartered Building Surveyor

A Schedule of Condition survey is the most commonly used for commercial or industrial premises on behalf of the proposed lessee/renter. SKEER C.B.C. are a Chartered Building Surveying company, who can carry out this service, giving you piece of mind for future negotiations.

Schedule of Condition Survey

The surveyor will go through all building and structural items making up the structure of the premises to be leased or rented.
A comprehensive list of all building elements, including photographs, will be itemised and presented in a Schedule of Condition Report.
SKEER C.B.C. are a qualified Chartered Building Surveying company, both RICS and CIOB Accredited.

Schedule of Condition Report

A Schedule of Condition Report allows the owner/landlord, prospective lessee or renter, to have a tool to be able to negotiate with the owner/landlord, lessee or renter, at the end of the lease/contract, to ensure that the property has been maintained as per the signed lease.
Your solicitor will include this Schedule of Condition Report in your legal contract, giving you assurance that when you come to leave the premises, or there is a break clause, you will be confident you will not be liable for the defects highlighted in the original Schedule of Condition.

Schedule of Dilapidation’s

When the lease expires, the landlord will carry out a Schedule of Dilapidation’s and if you are not in possession of the Schedule of Condition, the landlord could demand monies from you to put items right that he may insist was originally seen to be in good order when the lease was originally signed.
SKEER C.B.C. are a qualified Chartered Building Surveying company, both RICS and CIOB Accredited.

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