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The information below details how we do business and general terms and conditions for our services.
Terms of Service
Commissions for services from SKEER C.B.C. can be requested by email, letter or telephone. When the latter is used, the request must be put in writing to SKEER C.B.C. prior to any work being undertaken.
If the client requires further services from SKEER C.B.C. during the original instruction, then a variation fee will be agreed.
SKEER C.B.C. will only take instruction from the client and not a third party unless specifically instructed to do so by the client.
If the client requests budget costs for any work identified during the survey, SKEER C.B.C. will supply estimated budget costs, however, these figures must not be used to work up any Bill of Quantities, as materials and labour costs are volatile and can fluctuate.
It should be noted, that floor and wall coverings will be minimally disturbed during the building/asbestos surveys. However, SKEER C.B.C. imposes a caveat stating any areas of non-survey due to furnishings and fixings restricting access. The client can however, instruct the surveyor to survey these areas noting that the surveyor will endeavour to minimise any damage whilst gaining access.
All commissions carried out by SKEER C.B.C. are fully insured (certificate can be seen upon request), and surveyors are members of RICS or APM.
Building Consultancy Background 16b
Upon enquiry, you will be given a verbal quote for the type of survey you are requiring which will be followed up by a written quotation either by letter or email.
Once you have confirmed the commission, an invoice will be forwarded to you for payment, prior to the survey being carried out.
We aim to complete your survey and compile your report within two days of the survey taking place. Your report can be emailed, a bound hard copy posted to you, or if you prefer, you can have both; just let us know at the time of confirmation.
Asbestos Surveys are either Management or Refurbishment/Demolition, dependent on the reason for your survey. The same principle applies as to a Building Survey regarding to quotes and fee payments.
Prices charged for the analysis of the samples taken are not governed by SKEER C.B.C., they are set independently by the laboratory carrying out the sample testing. However, a scale of these charges will be made available to the client prior.

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